Air Jordan 1 20210424

Shoes are not easy to wear, do not listen to the seller said is to buy according to the normal size. It’s very pinching, and I won’t let it change after I buy it. I tried one of the shoes I bought. When I tried the shoes, I stepped on the sofa and said that the soles of my shoes were worn. I’m speechless, too. Let’s just say I’ve worn them. I won’t let them change. I wonder if I changed my shoes. The first four pictures were taken by myself when I received the shoes. Let’s see if it affects the secondary sales. And delivery logistics is super slow! Please think twice when you buy

I’ll do it! I don’t want to learn from you. Long sleeves dyed with ink, Pleated Shorts, aj1 coral gold, unicorn bag clothes are bought by Baobao. You can search for key words and your clothes are very white. The bag is a unicorn bag!

Air Jordan 1

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