Asics Gel-Kayano 24 20210425

Hupu was identified as positive, but we still need to evaluate it. Advantage New York limited color matching looks good! The brand is Arthur. It’s guaranteed! 5km or above is still very awesome, and the feeling of wrapping is better than K23. UX and K23 have strong sense of shit. They are also more powerful. They feel tired. That’s all. They must be frozen in winter. Compared with K23, K24 has more than one level of hardness. The permeability of K series is getting worse and worse. The feeling of stepping on the excrement is not strong. It is not felt until the gel has been running for four or five kilometers. The most important thing is that it is airtight and airtight. This is the summer QAQ

Just a few days ago, I haven’t run much. I’m ready to run a marathon. The soles of the last pair of K23 shoes have been worn flat. The K series feels very comfortable to step on the excrement. This pair of K24 should be better than K23 after running in for about 50km. I like it.

Asics Gel-Kayano 24

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