adidas Pure Boost DPR 20210804

The feeling of stepping on the excrement is really strong, but the workmanship is still lacking. However, it is very good at this price. If you want to experience the boost, you’d better go to UB directly. Pb doesn’t look good. It varies from person to person. Ignoring the box below is another pair of Qtr.

It’s very good. It’s authentic. Because I bought the green one in Adidasi’s official flagship store, there’s nothing wrong with it after comparison. It’s still very reassuring to buy something in maiju store for the first time. I like this kind of shoe tongue. It’s easy to wear and adjust. It’s breathable and light. The popcorn bottom always makes people walk or run two steps It’s basically flawless and of great quality. It also introduces friends to buy things in this shop.

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