Nike SB Low Free 99 20210808

Real standard half size Nike / Nike SB low “free 99” mandarin duck low top sports casual board shoes! Code: 2427724 Article No. dh0952

The shoes are not bad. The color I bought is very coquettish and practical. At that time, I bought the 399 in the exclusive store, but I didn’t feel strong enough. It broke down in a few months

It took more than half a month to finish. I haven’t commented for a long time. I have to comment on it today. 1. The shoes look like this. They don’t have a bright feeling in front of their eyes. They feel tight when they wear them. When walking, they tend to push back. It’s not that comfortable anyway. The order was sent three times or, the first recommended code is too large, the second time the wrong color, the third time out of stock, finally right. Shoes size changed from 37.5 to 36, ha ha. 2. Logistics is very fast, and it will arrive in two days. 3. Customer service, courtesy is there, it is really not good to solve problems. The second time, they sent it back because of the wrong color. They didn’t move for several days after receiving the goods. They had to ask the customer himself to find out that the color was out of stock. An unpleasant shopping!

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