Air Jordan 32 20210810

I bought it for my boyfriend. He tried it and found it very comfortable What I said next is all to comment on the number of words, which is really too much trouble. This naughty value is just to make up so many words, scribble and scribble.. Keng dad’s mischievous value is Keng dad’s naughty value. He doesn’t show the number of words. He always has to type so many characters. I hope I can make up enough of these 80 characters

I bought a pair of aj32 All-Star, and I had no problem with the feeling of the foot. But what I have been wondering is why my bottom is different from the bottom of the same color. The bottom left foot of the same color is 3:51. My left foot is not. Is there anyone who can help me solve the problem Figure 2 is my real shot, figure 3 and Figure 4 are the pictures on the official website. I feel the same as the bottom of the fifth one

Air Jordan 32

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