adidas Prophere 20210907

Logistics is very fast, but the shoes are genuine at first glance. The quality of Putian is definitely not the same. There are a lot of glue spills, and there are many holes in the sole. The comfort of the upper foot is not as comfortable as EQT. I bought it at a discount of 700. It’s OK on the whole

The appearance is so handsome that I have no friends. I like it for a long time. Size problem usually wear 42.5, this pair of shoes is the same size standard. Upper foot comfort: the feedback from the sole is obvious when I first put it on, but I feel that the sole is still very soft and comfortable after I get used to wearing it. There is no case that the sole is very hard. The wrapping line of this shoe is also very good. Disadvantages I think the only drawback of this kind of shoes is that the mouth is small, the ankle will have a binding feeling, just wear not used to it will be very painful.

adidas Prophere

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